Busch Stadium
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Busch Stadium: Last Days traces the destruction of the stadium designed by Edward
Durell Stone and Sverdrup & Parcel and Associates in 1966, and documents the many
comments left on the walls of the stadium by fans in its last days.  Over 2100
photographs taken over several months from the last game at the stadium constitutes
Busch Stadium: Last Days project.  Busch Stadium, considered a “cookie
cutter� structure, was built as a multipurpose facility to house both baseball and
football games and seated 50,345.  Games in both sports were played in the stadium
until the football Cardinals moved to Arizona in 1988.  An airy design, Stone’s
circular, all-concrete stadium was punctuated by narrow, elegant pillars and topped
with a set of 96 arches that echoed the St. Louis Gateway Arch designed by Eero
Saarinen in 1947 and dedicated in 1966. Spectacular views of the city could be seen
from the outside ramps that circled up to the higher levels and a lacy network of
circular forms provided the ceiling of the structure.  Busch Stadium was dear to the
hearts of tens of thousands of St. Louis sports fans, who considered it a second home
and a site for important rites of passage.  During its destruction, thousands visited
the stadium to record passionate and poignant comments and stories on the walls and

                                                                      -- Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, 2007