Curt Lahs, German 1893-1958
1919        Galerie Flechtheim, Düsseldorf
1921        Member of the group The Young Rheinländers
               Exhibition at the home of Mutter Ey
1928       Teaches at the Volkskunstschule, Düsseldorf
1930       Director of the Academia de pintura y esculera, Instituto de Bellas Artes,
              Medellin, Columbia
1931        Returns to the Volkskunstschule, Düsseldorf
1933        Dismissed from his teaching post by the Nazis, Branded a "Degenerate Artist"
1933-43 Travels to and exhibits in France, Jugoslavia and Italy
1943        Unwillingly drafted into the German Army
1943        Captured by American Troops, Incarcerated. Loses most of the early work
              when the home in which paintings are stored is burned in a bombing
1944        Released from prisoner of war camp
1945        Continues to work as an independent artist
              Exhibits at Galerie Gerd Rosen and Galerie Brenner, Berlin.
1947       Gains post at University in Halle, Germany
1948        Begins a second position at the Hochschule fur Bildende Künste,  Berlin,
              between jobs by train
1949        Leaves post at Halle after warnings from colleagues regarding new Communist
              government threat to him.  He is also considered a degenerate artist by the
1952        "Stahl und Eisen" Prize for painting, Düsseldorf, Germany
1954        Kunspreis from the City of Berlin
1958        June 11 - Dies in his sleep of heart failure
oil on paper, 1925
oil on paper, date unknown
gouache on paper, 1950s